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I got filmed talking about my research at the Computing Community Consoritum (CCC) Symposium on Computing Research in May 2016.

Two papers have been accepted to the CSCW 2013 conference: “The work of developing cyberinfrastructure middleware projects” and “Globally distributed system developers: Their trust expectations and processes.”

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CSCW Here I Come!

Matthew Bietz —  October 21, 2011 — Leave a comment

I’ve had 3 papers and 1 workshop accepted at the CSCW 2012 conference. I’m also a co-chair of the Videos program. See you in Seattle Bellevue!


  • Bietz, M. J., Ferro, T., & Lee, C. P. “Sustaining the development of cyberinfrastructure: An organization adapting to change.”
  • Lee, C. P., Bietz, M. J., Derthick, K., & Paine, D. “A Sociotechnical Exploration of Infrastructural Middleware Development.”
  • Thayer, A., Derthick, K., Bietz, M. J., & Lee, C. P. “I love you, let’s share calendars: Calendar sharing as relationship work.”


Last week I went to someone else’s conference. I’ve been to a lot of conferences in my field, but I don’t often attend conferences so far outside my own domain. But as part of a cyberinfrastructure study that I’m working on, I went to the Metagenomics 2008 conference. I was happy to discover that I could follow the general idea of most of the talks (although, of course, I was usually baffled when speakers got to the highly technical details).

But as an outsider, I found myself frequently turning to the person next to me and asking, “Is this cool?” or, “Is (s)he anyone?” Understanding the science is a prerequisite, but in order to really be a member of the community, you have to know to whom or to what to pay heed. I’m at a conference in my own field this week, and last week’s experience has made me more sensitive to this phenomenon. Today I overheard someone explaining to a conference newbie why one session was likely to be more interesting than the other, and I realized that a) I completely agreed with him, and b) to know that required a lot of knowledge that wasn’t in the conference program.

I’m organizing (with Charlotte Lee and David Ribes) a workshop at the upcoming CSCW 2008 conference. There’s still time to send a position paper! Here are the details:

Workshop on Designing Cyberinfrastructure to Support Science

At the ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work
Saturday, November 8. San Diego, CA

Recent years have seen the rise of new forms of large-scale distributed scientific enterprises supported primarily through advanced information infrastructures. These advanced infrastructures are called “cyberinfrastructure,” although terms such as grid computing, collaboratories, and eScience are also commonly used. Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Cyberinfrastructure intersect in their aims to support collaboration within heterogeneous groups and across physical distribution. Furthermore the development of CI – or large-scale informational resources – is itself a form of collaborative work worthy of CSCW research. Continue Reading…